This wonderful life that I have been so blessed to live has been the inspiration that has led me to give myself over to this craft or art that we call weaving.

My husband and I live on 12.75 acres of land in the Wallowa Mountains of Oregon, living sustainably has always been a way of life for us both, even before we were together. I was raised on a small family farm outside of Dayton Oregon where we grew most of our own food, from raising all of our own pork and beef to growing most of our food and putting it up for winter. We got up early and milked the cow, fed the chickens, collected their eggs, fed the pigs and the calves. We cut firewood, gardened and put food up all summer. I remember picking black berries with my granny and making pies and cobblers for dessert, it was an idyllic life for a kid and it never got out of my blood.

As soon as I was able as an adult, I continued the tradition of living this simple rural life. I met my husband David who lived in the coast range mountain of Oregon, close to where I was living. We eventually married and purchased this little piece of paradise on the mountain in Eastern Oregon.

In the midst of this life I was introduced to spinning wool, knitting and weaving, which fit perfectly into our sustainable life. I have given myself over to each one individually until I finally settled on weaving. I love the ‘Old World’ craftsmanship of weaving a cloth. The process of designing and weaving beautiful textiles has me completely enthralled. There is just nothing better than working with one’s hands and mind.

I started out with a yarn shop in our small coastal town but after 5 years I became disillusioned with running a retail store in town, I never had time to create and that was my passion, so I sold out most of my inventory and started my online weaving studio. I have completely immersed myself into this craft and can’t get enough.

My husband David and I are aspiring to make this online shop our main source of income. At this point he is still working but our hope is that we can one day he will be able to leave the corporate life.


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